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Check links below for the mini tripod...lots of you are asking! 🤩 DJI Mic: 🤍 Chapters * 0:00 - Intro 0:16 - Audio comparison 2:02 - Unique features of DJI Mic 2:06 - Charging case 3:11 - Touch screen receiver 4:03 - Transmitter gain control 5:11 - Smartphone connectivity 6:01 - Easy transfer of audio files 7:07 - Unique features of Rode Wireless Go II 7:17 - PAD - passive attenuation device 8:00 - Clipping markers in Rode Central app 8:27 - Compressed vs uncompressed record option 8:52 - Internal storage 9:35 - Size and weight 9:57 - Discrete vs conspicuous design 10:40 - Magnetic mounting 11:00 - Internal recording 11:57 - Windshields 12:08 - Transmitter battery life 12:38 - Headphone monitoring 13:46 - Recording options: mono, stereo, safety track 14:35 - Transmitter control via receiver 14:49 - LED brightness 15:05 - Range test 16:22 - Export options 17:39 - Audio test: gain settings 18:21 - Audio test: room noise hiss 18:44 - Audio test: clipping and peaking 19:49 - Audio test: gain recovery when levels too low 21:00 - Audio test: microphone position OUR FREE RESOURCES * FREE eBook: From Drone Zero To Drone Hero: 🤍 → Our beautiful 40 page eBook with 37 tips to get you flying like a filmmaker! → Over 100,000 copies downloaded! ❤️ FREE Drone Comparison Chart: 🤍 → Handy chart comparing 11 DJI drones to help inform your purchasing decisions. FREE eBook: Video Editing Software Guide: 🤍 → Our 20 page eBook will help you with your video editing software choice. FREE Guide: The Creator's Cheat Sheet: 🤍 → Learn the 10 building blocks of professional cinematography. → Stunning results with ANY camera! OUR COURSES Drone Cinematography Masterclass 3.0: 🤍 ($50 discount!) ❤️ → 9 hours of aerial cinema tuition from YouTube's leading educators filmed in the incomparable Scottish Highlands...aka. drone paradise! Drone Cinematography Crash Course: 🤍 ($20 discount!) → A 100 minute, intensive aerial education for beginners and intermediates. Drone Film Grades LUT Pack: 🤍 ($20 discount!) → Our carefully curated LUT pack + FREE 50 minute colour grading tuition. OUR FAVOURITE SOFTWARE Luminar Neo: 🤍 (best photo editing software) → Use “DRONE10” at checkout for $10/€10 discount on annual subscription. Luminar AI: 🤍 (excellent photo editor for beginners) → Use “DRONEFILMGUIDE” at checkout for $10/€10 discount. Epidemic Sound: 🤍 (best royalty free music) Filmora 11: 🤍 (best video editing software for beginners) MTracker 3D: 🤍 → One-click motion tracking upgrade for FCPX. → Watch our tutorial: 🤍 → Use “STEWARTANDALINA” at checkout for 15% discount. ESSENTIAL FILMMAKING GEAR DJI Mic: 🤍 (essentia!l ❤️) DJI Osmo Action Mini Tripod: 🤍 DJI Magnetic Ball Joint Adapter: 🤍 PowerDeWise Lavalier Mic: 🤍 Shure MVL Lavalier Mic: 🤍 Anker Power Bank: 🤍 (can’t live without these! ❤️) Sandisk MicroSD Cards: 🤍 Sandisk Extreme External SSD: 🤍 (perfect for travel) WD Elements My Passport HDD: 🤍 (best value external storage) SD Card Wallet: 🤍 SD Card Reader: 🤍 Ulanzi Travel Tripod: 🤍 Ulanzi Backpack Camera Clip: 🤍 Peak Design Backpack Camera Clip: 🤍 Manfrotto Mini Tripod: 🤍 Insta360 Selfie Stick: 🤍 Smartphone Tripod Mount: 🤍 Insta360 X3: 🤍 DJI Osmo Action 3: 🤍 Panasonic GH5: 🤍 (still the best! ❤️) Panasonic 15mm f/1.7 Lens: 🤍 DJI Mini 3 Pro: 🤍 DJI Air 2S: 🤍 DJI Mavic 3 Classic: 🤍 DJI Avata: 🤍 (the most fun you can have with a drone!) Freewell ND Filters: 🤍 (essential for that cinematic motion blur! ❤️) BUSINESS CONTACT ✉️ stewart🤍

Best Wireless Mic? DJI vs Rode Wireless Go 2


The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: 🤍 In this video we compare the DJI Wireless Mic to the Rode Wireless GO 2 to help you make a decision in which to buy. We cover all the features, design, user experience, range test and MORE. All the titles and Motion Graphics I use - 🤍 DJI Wireless Mic - 🤍 Rode Wireless Go 2 - 🤍 Sennehsier AVX System - 🤍 Justin Porter Media - 🤍 0:00 - Intro DJI Wireless Mic vs Rode Wireless GO 2 1:24 - Initial impressions 1:32 - Why the DJI Mic is BETTER than the Rode 7:21 - Range Specs 7:49 - 2.Ghz band vs 1.9 Ghz band (Sennheiser AVX) 8:23 - Range Tests 10:35 - Range Tests round 2 13:40 - 2.4 Ghz is very crowded (why we had issues) 14:53 - Why use the Sennheiser AVX (Pro system) 17:25 - Buy the DJI, not the Rode. 17:42 - the ONE ISSUE with the DJI Mic LUTs I use to grade - 🤍 (get 15% OFF with code 'Chris') 30 Days FREE music for YOUR Videos: 🤍 Download my A7IV Settings - 🤍 Book a Coaching Session - 🤍 GEAR I’M USING IN 2022 (Amazon affiliate links) -CAMERAS- Vid Camera - 🤍 B Camera - 🤍 Stills and C Camera - Sony A7IV - 🤍 Old Full Frame Cam (still good!!) - 🤍 Cheap APSC Cam - 🤍 Drone - 🤍 Best BTS Cam - 🤍 -BEST BUDGET LENSES- 50mm - 🤍 24mm F1.8 - 🤍 85mm F1.8 II - 🤍 (all in one -) Sigma 24-70 - 🤍 -LENSES I USE- Best All round lens - 🤍 Real Estate Lens - 🤍 FAV Lens EVER - 🤍 The BOKEH lens - 🤍 Close up lens - 🤍 B Roll Beast Lens - 🤍 Sharpest Lens - 🤍 Zoomy Sniper Lens - 🤍 -CAMERA ACCESSORIES I USE- Ninja V - 🤍 FAV Portable Light - 🤍 A7iii EyeCup - 🤍 A7iii Grip/L Bracket - 🤍 -MICS I USE- Vlog Mic - 🤍 Podcast/Youtube Mic - 🤍 Camera Mic - 🤍 -BAGS- HUGE Backpack - 🤍 Travel Bag - 🤍 -LIGHTING- Main Studio Light - 🤍 Studio light Dome - 🤍 Budget Light - 🤍 Budget light Dome - 🤍 Battery powered Light - 🤍 Spotlight Zoom (for pattern on wall) - 🤍 All gear I use: 🤍 Wedding Gear I use on Kit: 🤍 #djimic #rodewirelessgo #djivsrode FOLLOW ME Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE Some of the links used in the description will direct you to Amazon, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. SPONSORSHIP/COLLABS If you are looking to do collaborations, offer sponsorships, or any other requests, hit me up here: chrisbrockhurstinfo🤍 If you have a question or want to chat, use the Instagram or Twitter links above, thanks!

DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go II - What's the best wireless mic for YouTubers?


What's the best wireless mic for YouTubers? We compare the brand new DJI Mic against the venerable Rode Wireless Go II. Which one will Jordan choose to record this show? 0:00 - Intro 0:45 - Jordan’s mic history 2:24 - Design 4:31 - Charging 5:15 - Interface 6:35 - Range 9:47 - Reliability 10:50 - The wrap Music provided by 🤍 Rental equipment provided by The Camera Store 🤍 - is the world's largest digital camera review website. Welcome to our YouTube channel! Subscribe for new feature videos, reviews, interviews and more. Discover the world's most in-depth digital camera reviews at 🤍

DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go II vs Hollyland Lark M1 - What sounds the best?


DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go II vs Hollyland Lark M1 - What sounds the best? In this video, we compare the DJI Mic to the Rode Wireless Go II and the new Hollyland Lark M1 microphones. I did not adjust the audio in post - so you can hear the exact way each mic sounds. DJI Mic $329 - 🤍 Rode Wireless Go II $265 - 🤍 Hollyland Lark M1 $150 - 🤍 All the systems come with two mics, removable windscreens, and charging cables. The DJI and Hollyland come with a nice case that also charges the mics. Though the wind muffs and cables do not fit into either case (would be great if they did!) Both the DJI and Rode have easy-to-read screens, so you know the audio levels. The Hollyland does not, though you can adjust the audio level. Which system sounds best to you? What system makes the most sense for your use? Let us know in the comments! 🤍DJI 🤍Hollyland Technology 0:00 DJI 2:47 Rode Wireless Go II 4:32 Hollyland Thank you Benedict Madrazo! #dji #rodewirelessgo #hollyland

BEST Vlogging Mic? DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go II


What is the best vlogging microphone: the DJI Microphone or the Rode Wireless Go 2? The answer may surprise you. ▶ PRODUCTS MENTIONED DJI Mic - 🤍 Rode Wireless Go II - 🤍 Rode Wireless Go II Charging Case - 🤍 GoPro Hero 10 - 🤍 GoPro Media Mod - 🤍 ▶ CHAPTERS / TIMESTAMPS 0:00 - Intro 0:46 - Wireless Mics Explained 2:04 - Size Comparison 2:39 - Charging Case 3:10 - Battery Life 3:42 - Receiver Touchscreen 5:21 - Onboard Recording 6:03 - Safety Track 6:57 - Gain Adjustment 7:44 - Charging Case Dongles 8:31 - Microphone Range 9:14 - Sound Quality 9:50 - Sound Test Samples ▶ CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA * YouTube (TRAVEL VLOGGING) - 🤍 * YouTube (CAMERA GEAR & TECH) - 🤍 * Check out my blog - 🤍 * Instagram - 🤍 * Twitter - 🤍 ▶ GEAR AND TOOLS WE USE (Affiliate links) * Music We Use for YouTube (Free Trial) - 🤍 * All of Our Camera Gear - 🤍 ▶ OUR CAMERA GEAR * Main Travel Camera - Fujifilm X-T3 - 🤍 * Main Travel Camera Backup - 🤍 * Everyday Lens - 18-55mm - 🤍 * Long Lens - 50-140mm - 🤍 * Wildlife Lens - 100-400mm - 🤍 * Wide Lens - 12mm - 🤍 * Main Pro Camera - Sony a7riii - 🤍 * Every Pro Photo & Video Lens - 24-70mm - 🤍 * Speciality Lens - 16-35mm - 🤍 * Vlogging Camera - GoPro Hero 9 - 🤍 * GoPro Accessories - 🤍 * 360 Camera - Insta360 One R - 🤍 * Wireless Microphone - 🤍 * Vlogging Microphone - 🤍 * Drone - DJI Mavic Mini 2 - 🤍 * Camera Bag - 🤍 * Camera Backpack - 🤍 * Video Monopod - 🤍 * Travel Tripod - 🤍 ▶ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL * Support us monthly on Patreon - 🤍 * Make a one-time donation on PayPal - 🤍 We love making YouTube videos, but it takes time to film and edit material for you to enjoy. If you enjoy our free videos and would like to help us produce fresh content, please consider supporting us Patreon, making a one-time donation via PayPal, or using our affiliate links to purchase products (we receive small commissions at no extra charge to you). Our videos will continue to be free to watch on YouTube, and there is no obligation to help at all. But any support offered is greatly appreciated and goes directly into creating better content for you to enjoy. Thank you! - Martin and Suzi

10 Reasons to get the DJI MIC over Rode Wireless GO II


The DJI MIC is a small wireless audio system that comes with a battery case. Super simple to use and gets great audio! Get my 2 hour FCP EDITING COURSE here for free: 🤍 Get the DJI MIC: 🤍 DJI MIC Beginners Guide: 🤍 LEARN HOW TO BE A CREATOR IN MY ONLINE COURSES Step 1: Creating Video Ideas and a YouTube Strategy: 🤍 Step 2: How to Use Any Camera: 🤍 Step 3: Video Editing Beginners Guide: 🤍 Step 4: Creative Color Grading - From Beginner to Pro: 🤍 More Creator Courses to Expand Your Skills: 🤍 CREATOR RESOURCES △ Tool I Use To Help Grow My YouTube Channel: 🤍 △ Better MUSIC for your VIDEOS: 🤍 △ My LUTs for FAST Color Grading: 🤍 △ Easy way to Sell Your Footage as Stock: 🤍 △ Gear I Use To Make My Videos: 🤍 △ Business Inquiries: 🤍 Disclosures: All opinions are my own. Sponsors are acknowledged. Some links in the description are affiliate links that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

DJI Wireless Mic - I Tested Everything + Rode comparison


Motion Array (Free Trial) : 🤍 Buy the DJI Mics Here! : 🤍 Artlist (Best Royalty Free Music) (2 Months Free) : 🤍 Artgrid (Stock Video) (2 Months Free) : 🤍 FXHome Free Video Editor : 🤍 i LOVE My Cycleboard (Best E-Vehicle) : 🤍 All the gear i use & Recommend : 🤍 DJI Wireless Mic - I Tested Everything + Rode comparison #dji #rode #wirelessmicrophone ig & tiktok 🤍anthonylipani

DJI Mic Review VS Rode Wireless Go II // My New Favorite Portable Lav Mic Recorder


Who makes the best wireless microphone system for videographers??? Check out Soundstripe: 🤍?fpr=danwatson Get 15% off with coupon code: LEARNINGCAMERAS //- Purchase Options -\\ DJI Mic Amazon: 🤍 DJI Mic B&H: 🤍 Rode Wiresless Go II B&H: 🤍 Rode Wiresless Go II Amazon: 🤍 ALL My Gear: 🤍 BTS Video Camera: 🤍 Gimbal I Used: 🤍 My Other Gimbal: 🤍 Main Photography Cam: 🤍 Main Video Cam: 🤍 Dream Cam: 🤍 Best Memory Card: 🤍 Our FAVORITE lens ever: 🤍 All my Photography gear: 🤍 All my Video gear: 🤍 Literally EVERYTHING I use for video for weddings, youtube videos, and everything else including why I use it and why you should consider it. -| All My Gear |- My music: 🤍 My sound FX: 🤍 Where I get stock vids: 🤍 My next level photo editing software: 🤍 My new drone: 🤍 My ND Filters: 🤍 Cheaper ND Filters: 🤍 My On Camera Mic: 🤍 My Studio Mic: 🤍 My Wireless Lav Mic: 🤍 Check out my new merch!!! Appreciate the support and feel free to tag me in it! -| Follow ME! |- Hey, I love checking in with you guys, talking gear, meeting up, answering questions, and checking out all the amazing content you have going on. Facebook: 🤍 Dan's Insta: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Is DJI MIC better than Rode Wireless GO 2? 10 Reasons Why


This is a Dji Mic vs Rode Wireless Go 2 video, where I have compared both amazing wireless microphones to find the best one. DJI Mic: 🤍 Rode Wireless Go 2: 🤍 0:00 0:29 Charging case 2:00 Mounting options 2:58 screen 4:11 On-board recording 5:47 Safety channel 6:50 noise audio test 7:45 windshield test 8:13 Multi device connect 9:06 Multi level gain control 10:05 audio test - back 11:18 distance test 13:14 indoor audio test 13:48 conclusion Learn Photography with me: 🤍 CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM: 🤍 JOIN DISCORD SERVER: 🤍 Music for Videos: 🤍 GEARS I USE: Canon EOS R5: 🤍 Canon EOS R6: 🤍 Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8: 🤍 Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8: 🤍 Canon RF 35mm f/1.8: 🤍 Insta360 ONE X2: 🤍 Manfrotto Manhattan Mover 50: 🤍 Manfrotto Befree Tripod: 🤍 Joby Beamo light: 🤍 LIGHTING FOR YOUTUBE : Aputure: 🤍 (use KUNAL10 for exclusive 10% discount) Godox SL60W Video Light: 🤍 RODE Wireless GO Mic: 🤍 Skyvik Mobile Lenses: 🤍 = Facebook Group: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 BLOG: 🤍 Email: kunal.malhotra2604🤍

DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless GO II


Which is better for your smartphone or camera? 🤍 🤍

DJI Mic Review VS Rode Wireless GO and Sennheiser ew100


DJI Mic in-depth review and comparison with Rode Wireless Go and Sennheiser G3 DJI mic is a wireless microphone system with two transmitters and one receiver with touch screen and headphone jack. DJI mic is a perfect microphone system for interviews, blogging, mobile videography and more. DJI mic transmitters have built-in memory and internal recording of up to 15 hours, about 5 hours of battery life, DJI Mic charging case for more convenient charging and a lot of cool functions. Here is the comparison of DJI mic vs Rode wireless go vs Sennheiser G3. I did a range test comparison of DJI mic vs Rode Wireless Go and Sennheiser G3, also I did built-in microphone comparison of DJI mic vs Rode wireless go, and a comparison with lav mics. Wind protection of DJI mic test, how DJI mic work with iPhone and computer and more. Enjoy my in-depth review of DJI mic. Arimic Lav Mic Review - 🤍 00:00 - DJI Mic Review | The Kit 01:32 - DJI iPhone and Mac Recording 01:51 - DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go vs Sennheiser EW100 G3 02:47 - DJI Mic built-in mic comparison with Rode Wireless Go 03:16 - DJI Mic range test 04:25 - Rode Wireless Go range test 05:25 - Sennheiser G3 range test 05:56 - Sennheiser Lav mic vs lav mic with DJI and Rode 06:32 - Range test conclusion 07:04 - iPhone with DJI Mic plus wind test 08:37 - Internal recording with DJI Mic 09:15 - Main issues of DJI Mic 10:15 - Safety track and battery test DJI Mic vs Rode 11:26 - Other specs, functions and nuances 12:55 - DJI Mic Price. Is it worth it? #djimicreview #djimictest #djimic Every Monday and Thursday I'll be posting a new video. You can find me on Instagram 🤍 🤍 My Russian YouTube channel 🤍 My website 🤍 🤍 My gear 🤍

DJI Announced a Wireless Mic | Better than the Rode Wireless Go2??


Try - 🤍 DJI Mic - 🤍 DJI Action 2 - 🤍 Rode Wireless Go 2 - 🤍 Check out Josh's Channel to see more of that car stuff! - 🤍 ♪♪ Music for this video from Epidemic - Try Free 🤍 ♪♪ Additional Music for this video from Musicbed - Try Free 🤍 ►GEAR Camera Gear I use for Youtube - 🤍 Favorite Budget Friendly Camera Gear - 🤍 My Favorite Camera Gear for Pro Work - 🤍 My Editing Setup - 🤍 ►Vlog Channel - 🤍 ►Instagram | 🤍

DJI Mic vs RODE Wireless Go 2 - Which One You Should Buy


DJI Mic is DJI’s first standalone wireless microphone that is compatible with other devices, but how does it perform compared to the market’s most popular Rode Wireless Go 2? Let’s find out as in this video, we have shown an overall comparison of DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go 2. DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go 2 (Affiliate link) DJI Mic: Link: 🤍 RODE wireless go 2: Link: 🤍 *Music Source: YouTube Audio Library *Video Sources: DJI 🤍 RØDE Microphones 🤍 Our social media: Facebook: Instagram: Disclaimer: The following video abides by the YouTube Community Guideline. All the footage used in this video is for educational purposes and all the information covered in this video was collected from official sources. *Footage, music, images, and graphics used in the video falls under YouTube Fair Usage Policy Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. If you have any copyright issues, please contact us. #djimic #DJI #Rode

DJI Mic | Я ВЛЮБИЛСЯ в этот микрофон, НО!... есть RODE Wireless GO?


Я купил DJI Mic супердорого, но не пожалел, т.к. когда я получил его и открыл коробку, я буквально влюбился в эту беспроводную петличную систему. С точки зрения дизайна и эргономики, это лучший беспроводной микрофон, что я держал в руках. Но, все ли так хорошо в DJI Mic и сможет ли он конкурировать по звуку с RODE Wireless GO? 🎷Музыка в этом видео: 🤍?referral=oleg-z7f8y (10 треков в месяц БЕСПЛАТНО!!!) Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): 🤍 🅰Сотрудничество, вопросы, помощь и пр.: broincam🤍 👼Подпишись и нажми на колокольчик, чтобы не пропустить новые видео: 🤍 Я В СОЦСЕТЯХ: ВК: 🤍 VK: 🤍 ПОХОЖИЕ ВИДЕО: 🎬Распаковка DJI Mic: 🤍 🎬Comica VM20 - конкурент RODE NTG? 🤍 🎬Обзор Comica BoomX-D PRO: 🤍 🎬Обзор RODE Wireless GO: 🤍 🔥МОЕ ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ ДЛЯ ВИДЕОСЪЕМКИ🔥 Микрофон-пушка Comica CVM-VM20: 🤍 Andycine Universal Vlogger Kit: 🤍 Andycine RGB LED Spotlight 2500-9000 к, 2000 mAh: 🤍 Накамерный монитор FEELWORLD LUT6 2600 nit, HDR, 3D LUT, 4K, HDMI, Full HD: 🤍 SanDisk Extreme PRO SD карта V30: 🤍 SanDisk EXTREME PRO Micro SDXC V30: 🤍 Пара стоек для света: 🤍 Анаморфотная насадка на смартфон 1.33х: 🤍 или 🤍 Кронштейн SmallRig: 🤍 Sony NP-FZ100 Sony a7/9: 🤍 Рукоятка горизонтальная SmallRig для DJI RS2 RSC2: 🤍 Держатель монитора SmallRig для DJI RS2 RSC2 NATO Rail: 🤍 Аккумуляторы Probty для Panasonic S5: 🤍 Верхняя ручка MagicRig: 🤍 Робот пылесос Midea VCR03P: 🤍 Клетка SmallRig для Panasonic S5: 🤍 Карданный удлинитель для DJI RS2 RSC2: 🤍 Базовая пластина SmallRig: 🤍 Наушники Oneodio Pro 10/30/50: 🤍 Ультракомпактный точечный светильник VIJIM 3200-6500K 2000mAh: 🤍 Параболический софтбокс с сотами Triopo: 🤍 Петличка BOYA BY-M1: 🤍 Медленная, но емкая и недорогая microSD Lexar V30 633X: 🤍 ✌НОВОЕ ВИДЕО КАЖДЫЙ РАЗ!!! * #djimic #беспроводнаяпетличка #БольшойБратухин #ОлегБратухин #видеосъемка #обзоры DJI Mic | Я почти ВЛЮБИЛСЯ в этот беспроводной микрофон, НО!...

DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless GO II - Which one is the BEST wireless Mic for content creators?


DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless GO II I will tell you about my experience with 2 popular wireless microphones. Affiliate links: DJI Mic Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon DE: 🤍 Rode Wireless Go II Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon DE: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:40 Conectivity 02:48 Audio Comparison 04:12 Conclusions

Does the DJI Mic hold up against the Røde Wireless Go II and Hollyland Lark 150?


The DJI Mic is the latest entry into the compact dual wireless mic space. I've been using these three wireless mics for some time now, here are my thoughts on the similarities and differences between each of them. LINKS DJI Mic 🤍 Hollyland Lark 150 🤍 Røde Wireless Go II 🤍 Charging Case for Røde 🤍 PK1 ATEM and YoloBox Cages 🤍 TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro 00:44 Physical Characteristics 01:58 Mic Transmitters 02:34 Headphone Outputs 02:48 Charging Cases 04:05 Audio Connections 04:46 Recording 05:59 Audio Quality 06:43 Røde Wireless Go II Audio Sample 06:55 Hollyland Lark 150 Audio Sample 07:04 DJI Mic Audio Sample 07:20 Røde Directional Test 07:27 Lark150 Directional 07:35 DJI Mic Directional Test 07:42 Outro MORE LINKS Subscribe for email updates about new livestreams and videos! 🤍 Where I get my music from: Subscribe and get 2 months free! 🤍 Join the forum and keep the discussion going! 🤍 External links to products on this YouTube channel are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to buyers if they purchase products using these links and those purchases help me continue to create free content on this channel! 300b07ae177623110f3a335

DJI Mic versus RODE Wireless GO II - Le Comparatif Technique.


DJI se lance dans la prise de son avec l'arrivée du DJI Mic ! Mais que vaut-il par rapport au marché du microphone déjà en place ? Dans cette vidéo, en plus de vous le présenter, nous le comparerons à un microphone référence dans le milieu : le RODE Wireless GO II. #DJI #micro #DJIMic Retrouvez ici l'article explicatif studioSPORT : 🤍 Fiche technique DJI Mic : 🤍 Fiche technique RODE Wireless GO II : 🤍 🎥 Sommaire 🎥 00:00 Introduction du DJI Mic et du RODE Wireless GO II 01:00 Prix et Date de sortie du DJI Mic et du RODE Wireless GO II 02:09 Le Design du DJI Mic et du RODE Wireless GO II 04:27 Les performances du DJI Mic et du RODE Wireless GO II 05:24 L’autonomie du DJI Mic et du RODE Wireless GO II 06:27 L’aspect pratique du DJI Mic et du RODE Wireless GO II 07:13 Conclusion sur le DJI Mic et le RODE Wireless GO II 👉S'abonner à la chaîne studioSPORT👈 🤍 👉Le site studioSPORT👈 🤍 ​ N’hésitez pas à vous abonner pour être au courant de la sortie de la prochaine vidéo ! Et retrouvez-nous sur nos réseaux sociaux : Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 ​ —————————— 👀 Produit par RED CONTENT 👀

DJI Mic — Tiny 2 transmitter wireless microphone system review


In this week’s episode, we take a look at and a listen to the DJI Mic: a tiny, two-microphone wireless system. This little wireless kit claims safety-channel recording capability, a 250 m transmission range, and up to 15 hours of battery life if you count recharging from the included charging case. In this episode we walk through the DJI Mic’s feature set, listen to some sound tests, and compare it to the RODE Wireless GO II. Let’s take a closer look! If you want to dig into the details of the RODE Wireless GO II, have a look and a listen to our review: 🤍 Here’s how we EQ our audio recordings to sweeten them up: 🤍 If you’d like to learn how to make great dialogue audio for your film and video projects, please have a look at my courses including processing dialogue audio in Adobe Audition and DaVinci Resolve/Fairlight, recording sound, how to use the Zoom F4, F6, F8, and F8n, and how to get the most from the Sound Devices MixPre series of recorders. Our latest courses cover Sound for Live Streaming with the ATEM Mini and an Intro to Izotope RX. Https:// Support my work creating videos by donating at 🤍 Gear used or mentioned in this episode. The links below are, B&H Photo, Sweetwater, DVEStore, Perfect Circuit, Trew Audio or other affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases: - DJI Mic — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - RODE Wireless Go II — B&H, DVE Store, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Panasonic GH5 — B&H, Amazon 🤍 - Panasonic 12-35 mm F2.8 Lens — B&H, Amazon 🤍 - Aputure P300C LED used as key light — Aputure, B&H, DVE Store 🤍 - Aputure LS 300X used for background light — Aputure, B&H, Amazon 🤍 - Aputure Spotlight Mount —  Aputure, B&H, DVE Store. Amazon 🤍 - Rosco Gobo creates the pattern on the back wall — B&H 🤍 - Canon C70 cinema camera — B&H 🤍 - Canon RF 24-70 f/2.8L lens — B&H, Amazon 🤍 - Schneider Radiant Soft diffusion filter — B&H 🤍 Index 00:00 Start 00:14 Summary 00:30 Introduction 00:49 Compared to RODE Wireless GO II 01:51 Sound samples 02:09 Size, record to transmitter 02:34 Receiver size & touchscreen 03:18 3.5mm input jack 03:35 Gain settings for mic and output 04:24 Headphone jack 04:29 Battery power time 05:10 Charging case 05:24 Build quality & attaching magnet 06:07 Receiver shoe 06:22 Internal transmitter recording & microphones 06:57 Haptic feedback 07:18 Distance tests 10:04 Connect to camera, mobile, computer 10:17 Output modes — mono, safety, stereo 12:06 Download via USB 12:23 Encrypted wireless 12:34 Fur covers for wind 12:56 Price & everything included 13:15 Practical noise floor 15:39 Receiver shoe 15:53 Dimming LEDs 16:14 Safety track -6 dB 16:31 Aggressive low-cut filter 16:59 Distance reality 20m to 75m line-of-sight 17:47 Latency and out of sync by a frame 19:24 Wrap-up — DJI Mic vs RODE Wireless GO II 20:27 Please buy my courses The intro and outro music for this episode is from Musicbed - “Dynamo” by Virgil Arles. Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself: 🤍 Copyright 2022, Curtis Judd #DJI #DJIMic #Audio #Wireless

DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go II (Quality, Range, Wind)


*OPEN DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO* Follow me on social media- 🤍 🤍 Lensrentals Affiliate (KRIS15 at checkout) - 🤍 I'm Kris Luckenbach, a photographer and videographer based out of Kodiak, Alaska. My youtube channel is to show the beauty of the state and inspire you to visit or even MOVE HERE!! My Equipment Main Camera - Canon R5 and EOS R6 Lens below -Canon RF 100-500 -Canon EF 70-200 III F2.8 -Tamron EF 15-30 f2.8 -Sigma EF 24-70 f2.8 -Sigma EF 20mm f1.4 Drone - DJI Mavic 2 Pro Action Cam - Gopro Hero 5 Black Gimbal - DJI Ronin RS2

DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go II


DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go II Review 0:24 Rode Wireless Go II Pros 1:02 Rode Pro 2 1:18 Rode Pro 3 1:44 DJI Pros 2:04 DJI Pro 2 2:20 DJI Pro 3 2:25 DJI Pro 4 2:55 DJI Pro 5 3:30 Audio Test 4:17 Final Verdict Purchase your Mics down below! DJI Mic: 🤍 Rode Wireless Go II: 🤍

Wer hat das BESTE Funkmikro-Set? - DJI Mic vs. RODE Wireless GO II


DJI Mic: ┕ Amazon (*) ▸ 🤍 ┕ Foto Koch (*) ▸ 🤍 ┕ Foto Erhardt (*) ▸ 🤍 ┕ DJI ▸ 🤍 TELESIN Charging Case für Wireless GO II: ┕ Telesin ▸ 🤍 ┕ Amazon (*) ▸ 🤍 Discord Server: ┕ ▸ 🤍 Alle Animationen im Video wurden erstellt von ┕ Instagram 🤍 (ist jeden Cent wert!) Das DJI MIC wurde mir für dieses Video von DJI zur Verfügung gestellt. Meine Aussagen entsprechen vollkommen meiner eigenen Meinung und wurden in keiner Weise vom Partner beeinflusst oder mit ihm abgesprochen. Das Produkt durften ich anschließend behalten. Linksammlung ▸ h 🤍 Mit Einkäufen bei den Partner-Shops unterstützt ihr kostenlos meine Arbeit. (*)Affiliate Links über die ich ein wenig Provision verdiene, wenn ihr darüber einkauft. Für euch entstehen dadurch keine Nachteile. Die Partner-Website erhebt beim durchschreiten des Links Daten von euch die in der Datenschutz-Vereinbarung der Partner-Website aufgeführt sind. Für mich ist am Ende nicht Sichtbar wer, wann, wo, was gekauft hat. Inhalt: 00:00 - Intro 01:04 - Die Preise 01:41 - Lieferumfang 02:47 - Die Größe 04:41 - integrierte Aufzeichnung 05:44 - Usability 07:33 - Reichweite 09:20 - Ton-Qualität int. Mikrofon & Lavalier 11:42 - Grundrauschen 12:15 - DJI MIC geht auch am PC 12:41 - Fazit

NEW Wireless Microphone - Saramonic Blink500 ProX vs DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go II


The Saramonic Blink500 ProX is the newest wireless microphone system. How does it compare to the Rode Wireless Go II and DJI Mic? Here are some key standout features. ⭐️ PRODUCTS MENTIONED Saramonic Blink500 ProX B2 - 🤍 Saramonic Blink500ProX B1 - 🤍 🔥 FAVORITE TOOLS 🔥 ♪♪ Music We Use for YouTube (Free Trial) - 🤍 🖥 CleanMyMac X - Free up space on your Mac - 🤍 📸 Ulanzi Camera Accessories - 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⭐️ Join the Membership ⭐️ EXCLUSIVE CONTENT & PERKS 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▶ FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA * YouTube (TRAVEL VLOGGING) - 🤍 * YouTube (CAMERA GEAR & TECH) - 🤍 * Our Travel Blog - 🤍 * Instagram - 🤍 ⚠️ GIVEAWAYS ⚠️ We will ALWAYS send you an email if you have won a giveaway. If you see a comment on a video saying that you've won, it's a scam (please report it). ▶ OUR CAMERA GEAR (Affiliate Links) * All of Our Camera Gear - 🤍 TRAVEL VLOGGING GEAR * Vlogging Camera - 🤍 * GoPro Accessories - 🤍 * 360 Camera - 🤍 * Wireless Microphone - 🤍 * Vlogging Microphone - 🤍 * Drone - 🤍 * Small Camera Backpack - 🤍 * Rolling Camera Bag - 🤍 * Video Monopod - 🤍 * Travel Tripod - 🤍 TRAVEL VIDEO GEAR * Main Travel Camera - 🤍 * Everyday Lens - 🤍 * Long Lens - 🤍 * Wildlife Lens - 🤍 * Wide Lens - 12mm - 🤍 PRO GEAR * MAIN Pro Camera - 🤍 * BACKUP Pro Camera - 🤍 * Everyday Pro Photo & Video Lens - 🤍 * Go to Prime Lens - 🤍 * Vlogging Lens - 🤍 * Telephoto Lens - 🤍 ▶ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL * Support us monthly on Patreon - 🤍 * Make a one-time donation on PayPal - 🤍 We love making YouTube videos, but it takes time to film and edit material for you to enjoy. If you enjoy our free videos and would like to help us produce fresh content, please consider becoming a channel member (with perks!), making a one-time donation via PayPal, or using our *affiliate links to purchase products (we receive small commissions at no extra charge to you). Our videos will continue to be free to watch on YouTube, and there is no obligation to help, but any support is greatly appreciated and goes directly into creating better content for you to enjoy. Thank you! - Martin and Suzi For sponsorship, product reviews, and collaboration, email me: geminiconnectdigital🤍 (BUSINESS ONLY PLEASE)

Dji wireless mic vs Rode wireless go II audio test | suprising result


Went out to test the two wireless mic from Dji and Rode, this wa only done wireless with the audio recorded straight to the transmitter without cables. I was pretty sure the Rode should be a lot better then Dji but I dont think so. The audio was not tweek in post just straight out, with some tweeking maybe the Rode is better. Gonna test that another time. Just remember that the Rode is twice the price of Dji. Yes you get more with the Rode and in my opinion it worth it. But the Dji mic works really good with the Dji pocket 2 and thats the only device you get use it with, The Rode wireless go II you can use with many cameraes. And thats why I think the Rode is the best one. Please subscribe for more and I see you on the next one. For one month free audio and sfx click the link to Epidemic Sound. 🤍 #djivsrode #wirelessmic #audioquality

The Rode mics are trash compared to these | DJI Mic Review | 10 Reasons Why I switched


Summary: The DJI Mics are phenomenal microphones. I think they are wayyy better than the rode mics. From the software to the hardware, jus the entire experience. Which set of mics do you own and why do you prefer them to the competition? Today's Sponsored Message 🤍 Brooks15 15% off DJI MICS: 🤍 -Where To Find Me 🌍- 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 What To Watch Next🎥🤳🏾- The A7siv is not coming: 🤍 - 🎵🎧 Where I Get My Music: MB01KVSNP2NTM8C 🤑💸🛒 Where To Buy Items Discussed: 📷 Sony A7Siii: 🤍 🎤 Deity D4 DUO: 🤍 Sigma 24-70: 🤍 Shawn Brooks uses affiliate links to earn a little kick back so help me out one time for the one time.

DJI Mic vs RODE Wireless GO II Review - Burton Builds


In this video I talk about the the Rode Wireless GO II and DJI Mic. We explore the specs and features of the Rode Wireless GO II and what I think are the most important factors when it comes to a wireless mic. I compare some of the specs and features of the DJI mic to the Rode Wireless GO II mic. Overall I am very happy with the performance of the Wireless GO II, it makes capturing good quality audio very convenient. RODE Wireless GO II 🤍 Hollyland Lark 150 🤍 DJI Mic - 🤍 Full UNBOXING video here 🤍 We discuss: 01:08 How good is the Rode Wireless GO II 01:16 Audio quality and test comparison 02:06 Internal audio recording on Transmitter 02:48 Latency 03:06 Transmission range 03:33 External mic input 04:03 Separate audio track recording 04:33 Rode Central App and Settings 04:55 USB mic for computer 05:13 Build Quality 05:28 Ease of use 06:55 Who is the wireless mic for? 08:16 Drawbacks? 09:51 Whats in the box? 11:20 Wireless GO II vs DJI Mic I purchased the Rode Wireless GO II with my own money so this review is not biased in any way. I purchase most of my equipment from Kloppers in Port Elizabeth, they have been very helpful over the years and I would like to thank them for all the assistance and advice they have provided. = 💰💰💰 Patreon & Pay Pal 💰💰💰 = If you wish to support the channel monetarily, please use the links below: Patreon - 🤍 Pay Pal - 🤍 Any support will be much appreciated. = ✅✅✅ 2022 GEAR ✅✅✅ 📷 Camera - Sony A6400 🤍 🔭 Lens - Sony 18 - 105mm f/4 G OSS 🤍 🔭 Lens: Sigma 16mm f/1.4 🤍 🔭 Lens: Sigma 30mm f/1.4 🤍 🎙 Mic: RODE NTG5 🤍 🎙 Microphone - RODE Wireless GO II 🤍 🎙 Microphone - RODE Video Mic Pro+ 🤍 🎧 Audio Recorder: Zoom F6 🤍 💻 MacBook Pro 16 inch 🤍 🎧 Headphones: BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro (80 Ohm) 🤍 Soundtracks from Epidemic Sound (Referral link below) 🤍 Please help support the channel by purchasing through my Amazon Affiliate links above. When you do, I earn a small commission which helps keep the channel going and you don't pay anything extra. #DJI #Rode #Burtonbuilds

DJI Mic - Watch AND LISTEN Before You Buy!


Get the DJI Action Mic here: 🤍 Follow Kyle! 🤍 ALL MY CAMERA GEAR - 🤍 SHOP MY LUTS + PRESETS - 🤍 MUSIC I USE FOR YOUTUBE - 🤍 FOLLOW ME - 🤍 WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG NOW Main Video Camera - 🤍 Photography Camera - 🤍 Backup Camera - 🤍 Vlog Lens - 🤍 Photography Lens - 🤍 SD Card - 🤍 Vlog Mic - 🤍 Wireless Mic - 🤍 Variable ND Filter - 🤍 Drone - 🤍 360 Camera - 🤍 Action Camera - 🤍 Camera Bag - 🤍 RESOURCES FOR CREATORS Uscreen (Create a membership site) - 🤍 TubeBuddy (YouTube growth) - 🤍 VidIQ (YouTube growth) - 🤍 Rev (video captions) - 🤍 PPA (equipment insurance) - 🤍 DISCLAIMER Most of the product links are Amazon affiliate links and other affiliate programs, where I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Thanks for the support! #SidneyDiongzon

Nobody is Talking about This with the DJI Mic


In this review, after many hours of field use, I encounter some issues with this mic system, which may or may not affect YOU. I'll probably buy it again if I can guarantee that problem 2 is addressed, it's excellent otherwise. To support this channel, the DJI mic can be purchased here: 🤍 or 🤍 A-Roll Lens for this video: Samyang 35mm f1.4 ii 🤍 🤍 External Recorder used Suikui RH35: 🤍 Tip Jar: 🤍 00:00 Distance obstruction test 05:22 Noise floor test 06:27 Audio Quality test 07:41 Features 09:26 Problem 1 10:39 Problem 2 13:07 Final Thoughts 13:56 Solution - Personal Gear List Main A-Camera A7sIII: 🤍 Main B-Camera A7IV: 🤍 Secondary B-Camera GH6: 🤍 Tertiary B-Camera ZV-1: 🤍 Main A-Camera Lens: 🤍 Main B-Roll Lens: 🤍 Landscape Ultrawide 17-28mm f2.8: 🤍 Landscape Standard 28-200mm: 🤍 People Lens Wide: 🤍 review: 🤍 People Lens Standard Tamron 35-150mm f2-2.8 VXD: 🤍 or 🤍 review: 🤍 Travel Ultrawide SY 18: 🤍 review: 🤍 Travel Standard 24G: 🤍 Travel Zoom 28-60mm: 🤍 🤍 Travel Short Tele 90mm f2.8 dg dn: 🤍 Travel Light: 🤍 Travel Hybrid Camera A7IV: 🤍 Travel Action Camera Insta 360 One X2: 🤍 Travel Holster: 🤍 review: 🤍 Travel Sling: 🤍 review: 🤍 Travel Belt: 🤍 Can you tell, I really LOVE travel gear? Key and background lights x4: 🤍 Hair light: 🤍 Main studio mic Audio Technica ATR2100x USB: 🤍 Main Travel mic Rode wireless go ii: 🤍 Second mic for ambient: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission, that I use to I feed my children on occasion. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which gives me as a YouTube scrub, the opportunity to rent and review gear.

Lavalier Mics in 2022: RODE vs.DJI vs. Zoom vs. Sony


Welcome to episode 1 in a new, occasional series I'm calling "Used in Anger." This is a British phrase meaning "used for its intended purpose rather than for practice," and in this video I discuss what I learned about lavalier mics during a complicated shoot. = Friendly Neighborhood Dept of Commerce = Order your copy of Streets of New York, The Book at 🤍 [SORRY, SOLD OUT} Sign up for live, one-on-one video sessions with Hugh on Zoom at 🤍 Get your official 3BMEP swag at 🤍 We recommend B&H (🤍 , Adorama (🤍 and KEH for all of your photo, video and audio needs. KEH DISCOUNT & BONUS CODES: Visit 🤍 to buy gear; get 5% off with discount code 3BMBUY-1 Visit 🤍 to sell your gear; get a 5% bonus with discount code 3BMSELL-1 JOIN US ON PATREON: 🤍 or by making a donation directly via PAYPAL to 🤍 FREE TRIAL OF EPIDEMIC SOUND: visit 🤍 Follow us on social media: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our blog: 🤍 Like, subscribe, share, add to a playlist, or join the conversation below. Join Consider making a small contribution directly via 🤍 Please support our work by using our no-cost-to-you affiliate links to B&H, Adorama, Amazon, and KEH below: In all cases, thanks so much for being part of our YouTube community and supporting what we do. = Gear Used to Make This Video: = - Camera: 🤍 - Lens: 🤍 - Microphone: 🤍 - Accessories: 🤍 - Key Light: 🤍 - Key Light Modifier: 🤍 FULL EDIT SUITE - Main Computer for editing 🤍 - Secondary RAID system: 🤍 - Primary RAID system: 🤍 - Laptop for writing: 🤍 = *We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. We are also part of the B&H, Adorama, KEH, Epidemic Sound, Peak Design, DJI, Audiosocket, Skylum, and smallrig programs.

DJI Mic After 3 Months - It Got Me Now


We have been using now the DJI Mic for 3 months - I didn't care too much about this product in the beginning as it was released right in between the DJI Action 2 and the Mavic 3 drone. But now, I've been testing it and tweaking it to get the most out of it. Get your DJI Mic here: 🤍 Our own project sunglasses: 🤍 Alex' IG: 🤍 Chivo's IG: 🤍 Follow me on Tiktok: 🤍 We have signed with our friends at, they provide us with awesome songs for our vids. If you want to check their plans out: 🤍 📷 Gear I used to make this video: Camera: 🤍 Main lens: 🤍 Secondary lens: 🤍 Third lens: 🤍 Wireless mics: 🤍 SD cards: 🤍 Gimbal: 🤍 Backpack: 🤍 Studio Mic: 🤍 Studio Lights: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 Streamdeck: 🤍 These are affiliated links, thanks for using them, they help the channel keeping alive :) #djimic #dji #filmmaking

DJI MIC these are way better than the Rode Wireless Go 2!


This is the DJI Mic and here is unboxing plus review, also is it better that the Rode wireless Go 2 watch the video to know more. Buy here - 🤍 DJI Mic specs Sound Field : Mono Polar Pattern : Omnidirectional Output Connectors : 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Female Bus Power : Lightning Male (Audio) 1 x USB Type-C Male (Audio) Battery : Built-In Rechargeable With DJI Mic, you can now easily record audio that matches the quality of your videos. It’s ideal for creators looking to gain an edge and elevate their content to the next level. It delivers exceptional sound quality and dual-channel recording at distances of up to 250 m. Switch on, connect, and record crystal-clear audio on the go. Dual-Channel Recording DJI Mic comes with two transmitters, each with built-in microphones. Both transmitters support omnidirectional audio, making them ideal for multi-person interviews and small studio operations. High-Quality Audio DJI Mic allows you to record high-fidelity, professional audio by accurately reproducing tone across a wider frequency range. Recordings can be made separately via each channel, or the two channels can be combined for flexibility in post-production. Built-in Touchscreen and Onboard Memory The receiver’s touchscreen display gives you easy access to channel selection, input/output settings, and other essential operations. Both transmitters come with 14 hours of built-in storage to prevent audio frame drop, loss, and other issues. Wireless Transmission Enjoy clear and reliable audio, even in complex scenarios. The transmitters and receiver communicate via powerful wireless transmission that keeps audio stable while reducing sound delay, even at long distances. 250m Transmission Range Using DJI’s latest encryption technology, DJI Mic is capable of recording crisp audio at distances of up to 250 meters. Wireless Convenience The entire DJI Mic system is wirelessly connected via a stable 2.4GHz frequency band, which allows you to move with complete freedom as you record your adventure. Powerful Anti-Interference The optimized wireless transmission system ensures a stable stream of audio, even in areas such as train stations, shopping malls, and offices. Wearable and Portable Conveniently attach a transmitter to whatever you’re wearing via the integrated back clip or by using the clip magnets. Weighing approximately 30 grams (1 oz), wearing the transmitter is comfortable and seamless. Vastly Compatible Different devices mean different input adapters, and DJI Mic covers them all. The receiver has USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS ports, making it compatible with mainstream smartphones, cameras, and laptops. DJI Mic Charging Case The ultra-portable charging case is the perfect home for DJI Mic. With it, you can charge the transmitters and receiver, conveniently store components, and fast pair the system right out of the case. Charging Time : 2 hours and 40 mins Operating Time : Fully charge three devices simultaneously for 1.8 times General Microphone Directions : All Directions Frequency Response : Low Cut Off: 50 Hz - 20 kHz Low Cut On: 150 Hz - 20 kHz Max. Sound Pressure Level (SPL) : 114 dB SPL Max Input Level (3.5 mm) : -17 dBV (THD less than 0.1%) Equivalent Noise : 23 dBA Monitor Interface Output Power : ax Output 22mW🤍1kHz, 32Ω Follow Me on Twitter : 🤍 Telegram : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 (c) Gogi Tech | Like | Share | Subscribe

DJI MIC vs RODE WIRELESS GO 2 - Side-by-side Comparison


Kersten and Dave compare DJI’s latest wireless mic system and Rode’s Wireless Go2 in this side-by-side, 1st hand comparison. Dave’s back from Adobe Max with the latest updates and the guys chat about Dave’s next artic adventure, being attacked by (one can only assume) criminalised racoons, meeting Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster…all in the same episode! Dave’s incredible landscape photography has been published in National Geographic, Nature and Time Magazine to name but a few and he his a regular contributor to and Dave is a proud member of the ‘Instructor Dream Team’ for the Photoshop World Conference and has recently authored the book ‘The Complete Aurora Guide for Travellers and Photographers’ sharing his extensive knowledge gained over many years of shooting the Aurora Borealis. 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:06 DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go 2 00:23:15 Adobe Max 00:26:23 Due North Part 2 THIS WEEK’S LINKS: Dave’s article on 🤍 Dave Williams on the web: 🤍 Dave Williams on Social Media: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 JOIN THE CAMERA SHAKE COMMUNITY for the latest news and some behind the scenes insights: 🤍 CAMERA SHAKE PODCAST ON YOUTUBE: 🤍 FULL EPISODE 127 IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON:  YouTube - 🤍 Apple Podcasts - 🤍  Spotify - 🤍  FOLLOW US ON Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Kersten’s website: 🤍 Kersten on Instagram: 🤍 🤍 Nick on Instagram: 🤍

Sound Test: DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go 2


After using the Wireless Go and Wireless Go II units, I'm now interested in possibly jumping ships to DJI. DJI units seem more polished, include a nice charging case and adapters, clearer on-device menus and readouts, and the exporting of files is very easy without using a proprietary app like the Rode Central. I think I'm jumping ships! If you found this video helpful please let me know in the comments! •Rode Videomic NTG Shotgun Microphone: 🤍 (Amazon) •Rode Wireless Go 2 Microphone System: 🤍 (Amazon) •DJI Mic System: 🤍 (Amazon) ——————————— CONNECT ——————————— Subscribe! 🤍 Instagram: 🤍husmokin ——————————— BBQ GEAR ——————————— •Workhorse Pits 1975 with Cowboy Grill •Cuisinart 360 XL Griddle: 🤍 (Amazon) •Thermoworks Signals •Thermoworks MK4 Thermapen •Weber Performer Deluxe: 🤍 (Amazon) •RONXS Electric Lighter: 🤍 (Amazon) •ThermoPro TP27 Wireless Thermometer: 🤍 (Amazon) •ThermoPro TP19H Digital Meat Thermometer: 🤍 (Amazon) •ThermoPro TP19 Digital Meat Thermometer: 🤍 (Amazon) ——————————— VIDEO + AUDIO GEAR ——————————— •Epidemic Sound: 🤍 •Sony ZV-E10 Camera: 🤍 (Amazon) •Sony A7IV Camera: 🤍 (Amazon) •Sony ZV-1 Camera: 🤍 (Amazon) •Ulanzi Macro + Wide Angle Lens for ZV-1: 🤍 (Amazon) •DJI RS3 Gimbal: 🤍 (Amazon) •Rode Videomic NTG Shotgun Microphone: 🤍 (Amazon) •GEEKOTO Video Tripod: 🤍 (Amazon) •Rode Wireless Go Microphone Transmitter: 🤍 (Amazon) ——————————————————————— This description includes affiliate links, which earn a commission to help support my channel at no additional cost to you. I only share products and services that I actually use and believe in. ——————————————————————— – Who Am I? – Hey everyone! My name is Kevin. I'm a husband, father, pastor and a growing BBQ enthusiast that loves the food and the gear that comes with making good eats. I started this channel to share my love for BBQ and to be a resource for new and upcoming backyard cooks so we can all have more fun and cook better food together.

Why is Nobody Talking About This? DJI Wireless MIC Problems & How to get the Best Audio Quality


In this video, we're taking a closer look at the DJI Wireless MIC & the accessories that comes with it. GET THE DJI WIRELESS MIC - » DJI Wireless MIC*: 🤍 MY CAMERA SETUP - » Sony ZV-E10*: 🤍 (Camera I used to film this video) » Sigma 16mm 1.4*: 🤍 » PGYTECH MantisPod Pro*: 🤍 » GOPRO Hero 10 Black*: 🤍 ABOUT ME - » 🤍 » 🤍 » 🤍 AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER - All links marked with an "*" are affiliate links which earn me a little kickback. This will NOT create any extra costs on your end.



A full overview and my review of the DJI Mic and helping you decide should you buy it! 🎤Get the DJI Wireless Mic System: 🤍 🔥Join this channel to get access to sweet perks: 🤍 🎵DOWNLOAD THE COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC I USE: 🤍 👕SUPPORT AND BUY SOME CHANNEL MERCH👍 : 🤍 📸INSTA - 🤍 🐦TWITTER - 🤍 NON-CAMERA STUFF: 👕The minimalist shirts: 🤍 - SAVE 15% with code: DAVIDMANNING 🕶The dope sunglasses: 🤍 - SAVE 15% with code: BLENDERS15 ✈️The clever travel bag: 🤍 MY CURRENT CAMERA GEAR: 📸 My Video Camera: Sony a7SIII - 🤍 📸 My Photo Camera: Sony a7IV - 🤍 👉 PolarPro Apex Base - 🤍 👉 Joby Ballhead - 🤍 👉 Main lens: 16-35mm - 🤍 👉 All around lens: 24-70mm - 🤍 👉 Long lens: 70-200mm - 🤍 👉 35mm - 🤍 👉 50mm - 🤍 👉 85mm - 🤍 👉 90mm - 🤍 👉 Pocket camera: Sony ZV-1 - 🤍 👉 Backpack Clip: 🤍 📷The leather camera strap: 🤍 Use Code "MANNING" for 10% DISCOUNT ACTION CAMERA GEAR: 📷 GoPro Hero 10 - 🤍 🧲 THE BEST GOPRO ACCESSORY: 🤍 👉 My GoPro accessories - 🤍 📷 Insta360 ONE X2 - 🤍 📷 Insta360 ONE R - 🤍 👉 PolarPro Apex Base - 🤍 👉 Joby Ballhead - 🤍 👉 Travel tripod - 🤍 👉 My studio light - 🤍 👉 Studio soft box - 🤍 📫 I LIKE MAIL: David Manning Vlog PO Box 2622 Valley Center, CA 92082 CHAPTERS: 00:00 - Intro *Most links in the description are affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission when you purchase. #dji #djimic #djiwirelessmic

The DJI Mic is perfect...almost | Photography


For quite a while now I've been looking for a better wireless audio setup when making science and photography videos - I may have found it in the DJI Mic. I bought the DJI Mic and in this video we'll go over three things I love about this new microphone system, and three things I think could be improved. Give it a watch and let me know in the comments if you have any questions for a follow-up video! For those wondering, here's the cheap Lav mic being used in this video (not an affiliate link): 🤍 Want to keep up with my research? Follow me on Twitter! 🤍 Interested in doing some Real World Science in your spare time? Check out this great list of Citizen Science projects via Scientific American: 🤍 Thanks for watching!

DJI MIC:完成度最高的無線麥克風入手|提升音質設定方法與Rode Wireless Go 比較


說到DJI MIC,絕對是一片麥克風紅海中的亮點之一,也是少數DJI第一代的成熟產品。 你不管在他的設計、操作、外觀,很難挑出毛病,看來我只能跟Wireless GO說再見了.. 但好像有人在網路上反應電池問題? 好像還有低頻電流聲? 究竟是怎麼一回事? 有什麼方法提升DJI MIC帶來的音質嗎? 這集揭曉。 ►追蹤攝影無料+ - Follow Us on Social Media - 阿元 🤍 攝影無料+ Facebook: 🤍 - 🎵 影片音樂 -Background Music-: 🤍Artlist 可商用且可盈利的音樂無版權平台 (現在很多電視廣告也是使用這個平台) 🤍 透過這個連結註冊享免費額外兩個月使用! ►商業合作 Email -For Collaboration- :ayungliu🤍 (為了提升合作效率,來信還請附上:產品名稱及內容、合作檔期、預算範圍) ►Gear Info. Camera: Nikon Z6II, DJI Mavic Pro Lens:Tamron 17-35mm F/2.8-4, Nikon 40mm F/2Z, Nikon 70-200mm F/4 Tripod: Fotopro Aircross 2 Microphone: DJI MIC #DJIMIC #2022最佳無線麥克風 #RODE

DJI Mic - Ich habe mich verliebt! Vergleich Rode Wireless Go II.


Der richtige Ton zum guten Bild ist für Youtuber und andere Videofilmer mehr als wichtig. Um die Gunst der Käufer buhlen viele Unternehmen. Jetzt sind auch die Drohnenexperten von DJI dabei - mit dem DJI Mic. In diesem Video schaue ich mir das drahtlose Audio-System genau an und vergleiche es mit meiner bisherigen Funkstrecke von Rode, dem Wireless Go II. Dabei achte ich nicht nur auf Tonqualität und Reichweite. Viel Spaß bei meiner Review zum DJI Mic. In diesem Video: 00:00 - Einführung DJI Mic 00:50 - Was ist drin? 02:29 - Überblick zum System 05:20 - Menüführung OLED Display 08:30 - Zauber durch Magnet 10:10 - Tonqualität DJI vs Rode 10:57 - Reichweite DJI vs Rode 14:25 - Fazit Kanalinfo Technik-Videos, Kamera und Co. Motorrad Fahrberichte, E-Mobility im Test. Mal informativ, mal unterhaltsam. Tech4Fun! Immer auf dem neuesten Stand sein? Dann abonniere „Tech4Fun" und Du bist immer „up-to-date“, wenn es neue Videos gibt. Technik Equipment- BILD/VIDEO * Vlogging Kamera - Sony ZV-1 - 🤍 * Insta360 X3 - 🤍 * Insta360 Go2 - 🤍 * Insta360 X2 - 🤍 * Insta360oneRS - 🤍 * GoPro Hero 11 - 🤍 * GoPro Hero 10 - 🤍 * Media Mod Hero 9/10/11 - 🤍 *DJI Action 3 Adventure Combo - 🤍 * DJI Osmo Action 2 - 🤍 * DJI Mini 3 Pro - 🤍 * DJI Mavic 3 (Fly More) - 🤍 TON/ZUBEHÖR * Rode Lavalier-Mikrofon mit Mini TRRS TRS Adapter - 🤍 * Rode Wireless Go 2 - 🤍 * DJI Mic - 🤍 * Sp connect Moto Bundle Universal - 🤍 * RAM Mounts X-Grip - 🤍 * SMALLRIG Lenkerbefestigung - 🤍 -E-Mobilität und mehr- *Bluetti AC200P - 🤍 * Easee Home Wallbox - 🤍 * Easee Home Halter - 🤍 * Model 3 Fußmatten - 🤍 * Aufnahmepads Hebebühne - 🤍 * Model 3/Y - Displayschutz - 🤍 * Mobiler Lader - Juice Booster 2 - 🤍 Als Amazon-Partner, Bluetti-und Insta360-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Käufen. Links, vor denen ein * steht, sind Affiliate-Links. Kommt über diesen Link ein Einkauf zustande, werde ich mit einer Provision beteiligt. Für euch entstehen dabei selbstverständlich keine Mehrkosten.

I upgraded from Rode to the DJI Wireless Mic! You should too.


Why I upgraded from Rode to the DJI Wireless Mic So when it comes to wireless mics for video, which is better? Side to side, who would win if it was the DJI Mic vs the Rode Wireless Go? When you make videos for YouTube and for online content platforms, you want to make sure you have great audio. The Rode Wireless Go and the Rode Wireless Go ii have been highlighted as some of the best wireless mics for video, and you see it on YouTube quite a bit. While I have used the Rode Wireless Go for quite a while, I have been eyeing the upgrade to the Rode Wireless Go 2. I also wondered who would win the DJI Mic vs Rode Wireless Go 2 comparison. As I continued to look around, I was curious to find out whether or not the DJI Mic lives up to all the hype since it had been announced. It was announced about the same time as the DJI Action 2, and I wondered if it would be the best wireless mic for the DJI Action 2. Could it be the best wireless mic for iPhone? Or the Best Wireless mic for cellphones, tablets or cameras? We've had to wait a long time to find out, and I finally purchased the mic after seeing some great features that work with the videos I make! So I'll use the dji wireless microphone and you'll see how it well it does in this DJI Wireless Mic review. You'll hear the DJI Mic with the Sony ZV1. It's the mic I used for this video. You'll also hear the DJI Mic with the DJI Action 2, and you'll also hear the DJI Mic with the iPhone! Video Product Links: DJI Mic: 🤍 DJI Action 2: 🤍 CAMERAS I USE: Main Camera: Sony ZV-1: 🤍 Sony A6400: 🤍 Sony RX100 VII: 🤍 DJI Action 2: 🤍 DJI Osmo Action: 🤍 DJI Pocket 2: 🤍 iPhone SE: 🤍 NewMowa 3-pack Batteries for ZV1 & Rx100Vii: 🤍 LIGHTS I USE: Colored Background VJIM VL196 LED RGB (2): 🤍 Stands for VJIM EMart 7ft Light Stand 2 Pack: 🤍 Fill and Key(Lights on Me) Neewer LED Video Light Panel Lighting Kit 2 Pack: 🤍 GRAPHIC PROGRAM I USE: CANVA: 🤍 MY TRAVEL LUGGAGE: Nomatic Messenger Bag: 🤍 Nomatic Carry-On Pro: 🤍 Nomatic Carry-On Classic: 🤍 Deals! - Surfshark VPN - 82% off VPN deal + 2 months FREE: Try CleanMyMac X Free: 🤍 Get Started and Learn More about YouTube! Best YouTube Creator Books: 🤍 Learn to Start your YouTube Channel Here: 🤍 Get Up to Two Free Audiobooks, Try Audible! 🤍 Thanks for Watching! Disclaimer: Products and their links mentioned in the video and description above may contain affiliate links. What this means is if you chose to purchase something using the provided links, we may earn a commission. #dji #djimic #djimicreview

Cuál es Mejor el DJI Mic o el Rode Wireless Go


DJI Mic, los micrófonos inalámbricos livianos y pequeños que compiten con los Rode Wireless Go, cual es mejor? lo veremos en este video: Enlace del producto: 🤍 Disfruta de mis videos: REVIEW Honor Band 6: 🤍 Review Honor Earbuds 2 Lite: 🤍 Review Honor Earbuds 2 Lite: 🤍 UNBOXING iPhone 12 Pro Max: 🤍 Unboxing iPhone 12 Mini: 🤍 Unboxing iPhone 12 Pro y iPhone 12: 🤍 Unboxing iPhone SE: 🤍 iPhone SE vs iPhone XR: 🤍 Galaxy Fold video: 🤍 -Review iPhone XS max: 🤍 -Comparativa de cámaras Pixel 3XL, iPhone XS Max, Note 9: 🤍 -Review Unboxing Google Pixel 3 XL: 🤍 -Review Galaxy Note 9: 🤍 -Review onePlus 6: 🤍 -Review Galaxy S9+ : 🤍 -Comparativa cámaras iPhone XS -Max VS Note 9: 🤍 Síguenos en: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Música de: YOUTUBE #djimic #microfonosdeDJI #DJImicvsrodewirelessgo 🤍DJI

DJI Wireless Mic versus RODE Wireless Go II Audio Test


I just got the DJI Wireless Mic system and I compare it to the RODE Wireless Go II system.

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